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Born in 1989, lives, loves and works in Berlin, Germany.
His work is based on coincidence and dealing with the randomness of organic material, such as OSB, cardboard or dried leaves. In his research he uses the inscribed random texture of matter to create well balanced, but unpredictable structures and compositions. He is convinced that all of the decisions we make – whether in creating art, or life in general – deal with a certain kind of coincidence.

For more than five years, Dave has been the publisher and the editor in chief of »KWER – magazine of abstraction«, which examines the term abstract in the field of arts, science and philosophy. The internationally awarded magazine has a strong focus on geometric abstraction as well as the most essential geometric shapes and gave him the opportunity to reflect on the scientific, historical and spiritual aspect of abstraction. 

He is also a member of the group »Plusminus3«, whose work is based on a dialogue between the artist‘s three different styles, merging them into one.


Berliner Festspiele | Geberit | Porsche | Tanz im August | Engagement Global
Lollapalooza Festival | Zentralnorden | Universität der Künste | Sodexo
Aktion gegen den Hunger | Zentralwohlfahrtstelle der Juden 

Cooperations with artists of literature, dance, theatre, music and visual arts.
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